Post Medieval Faire

It's done! The biggest event we have had to date, and one of our most successful stalls. As the gates opened Saturday morning, an excited couple ran to our stall, eager to try on a bunch of costumes and get themselves kitted out. We didn't have a break in the shoppers until the council volunteers finished herding the last few people from the site on Sunday evening!

Now that Blacktown is done, we turn our focus to Winterfest Medieval Fair . We have counted the majority of our stock back onto the website, but are looking to place another restock order for all the items we sold through, as well as some new releases whilst we have been away! 

I am saying "we" alot recently, and I feel it's probably now a good time to mention my business partner in all of this. Britt has joined me in the Bastion as of last month (baptism by fire, sorry!) and from the very start she was hard at work, staying up until the small hours doing the price tagging after finishing her second day job. Doing the preparations, sanding, staining, and heavy lifting before, during and after our event. All whilst somehow staying sane and helping me manage what has been a crazy period in my life. I owe her more than I can ever repay. Thank you, Britt.

I am looking forward to the momentum Winterfest will supply us. We will continue rolling restocks, and ensuring our website remains in stock. Dispatch is (hopefully) going to speed up, and we aim to deliver the same level of customer service I set out when I first started AB.

To everyone who bought something from us so far. Thank you, Your support makes this all possible.

Happy Adventures!

Tadd & Britt - The Bastion


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