Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
So, 2024 has started with a bunch of unique and exciting challenges!
I received the largest ever shipment of Mytholon products in December, just one day before I had to fly to Melbourne to spend the holiday season with family! Needless to say I was frantically trying to get it all in the garage, and stacked nicely whilst taking the occasional break to pack my personal luggage for my trip.
I finally have returned to Sydney, and am finally looking at getting stuck into the next leg of this monumental task. Counting, price tagging and organsing storage for over 1200 new items! It's going to take at least a few days. But I'm going to do my best to power through it. 
Once I have the stock loaded onto the website, I'll start with the plan on which events I'll be attending this year. I'm hoping to hit almost every medieval fair in NSW, with a few out of state events. This will be a big year, if the Bastion does well. 2025 will be the start of something even bigger! 
Until Next time!

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