An Update & Thank you!

We just completed Winterfest, Supanova and one hell of a month it was! We went in with high hopes, but nothing could actually prepare us for the support we received from the community and the public!


Our humble shop has grown into something incredibly exciting over the last few weeks, with much of our stock going into the hands of overjoyed new customers and returning patrons. We wanted to give everyone an update on where we are, but also hopefully paint a picture for those wondering what's happening in the small team at Adventurer's Bastion.


The Website

Firstly, we know the website has been pretty inactive for a while. For that, we apologise. Much of our time was taken up with organising LARP events, Conventions, and our full time jobs. This will hopefully be remedied soon, as we begin loading a swathe of new products for you to browse, from our partners at Mytholon, Epic Armoury, Ateliers Nemesis, and perhaps some more Sofkor forge sprinkled with a few other offerings.

The website will be stocked back up and turned back on going into September, and we will celebrate the relaunch with a pre-sale on our huge restock that we plan on for Mytholon.

The website is expected to be out of stock and uploading new products for the whole of July, and completing in August - This is because I will be travelling to Germany to visit Mytholon's Head office! 

The Stock

Our stock took a large reduction at Winterfest, which was due to the amazing support of our customers, and the general public, who blew us away with their enthusiasm! We will be looking to place a very sizable restock of products across all brands in August, which hopefully means that we should have it ready for Christmas! (international shipping sucks!) 

The Bulk Orders & Shipping

Whilst we are away, the Epic Armoury Bulk order will still be processed. We have someone house sitting for us, who will be able to receive the shipment, and we will do our best to get the products to where they are going. Please be patient with us, as we will be out of the country and have limited/no capacity to help domestic situations.

Thank you

This is the final part of our update, The Thank you. This store is something we have wanted to do for over 5 years, and having the dream become a reality in front of our eyes is something we do not take for granted. Cal, Melissa, Lilith, Marvin, Hollyanne, Mitch F., Niccy, Will, Conor, Daniel W., Jacob, Kieren, Wynter, Ruby, and everyone else who helped us get to where we are today!

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