Musketeer's Sword

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Athena is a new thermoforming manufacturing process that we have developed in order to offer high quality products at the cutting edge of technology. 

Thanks to this new process, we have taken the quality of our products to a higher level. Safe due to reinforced tips, durable due to quality materials and foam fusion during thermoforming, incredible balance due to our weighting system in the handles, flawless blades due to our high precision molds and daggers ready to parry due to a more robust fiberglass rod.

This fancy fantasy sword is inspired by Renaissance aesthetics and a perfect weapon for a duellist, fencer, battle bard, noble warrior, or swashbuckler in LARP. With a complex hilt that protects the fingers in combat, this foam weapon allows a more aggressive combat style for true musketeer prowess.

A scarlet blur of swagger and panache, the dashing swashbuckler jumped from the balcony, landing on the shoulder of the statue of her Excellence the Empress herself, a good fifteen feet above the ground. Around the monument, palace courtiers and festive diplomats were laughing and clapping at the display of skill, convinced they just witnessed the surprise show of an impromptu acrobat. They quickly realized it wasn't exactly a planned event when a group of ironclad imperial guards reached the balcony, huffing and puffing under their plate armour. As they tried to strike the crimson outlaw with their halberds, it became clear this sword-bearing newcomer was some sort of intruder. Not losing a second, the nimble outlaw kissed goodbye to the armed guard before jumping from the statue's shoulder, using the stone Empress exaggerated dress rump as a ramp before landing with a pirouette in the middle of the assembly.

Up on the balcony, the guards were pushed aside by a red-faced and outraged Empress, dishevelled as she just got out of bed. She screamed in anger and injured ego: ''How dare you?! No one refuses the Empress! Arrest this ungrateful scoundrel!'' She ordered, spurring a few prideful nobles to draw their rapier and attempt to stop the nimble fleeing fencer. Apologizing in advance, the swashbuckler freed a long fencing dagger and a matching arming sword, before methodically destroying both the nobles' ego and their fancy clothes as they bit the dust, uninjured but out of commission. With a taunting reverence, the agile duellist turned toward the Empress and screamed, a giggle in the voice; ''I am quite sorry my dear, but I prefer to go with no strings attached. I am sure you will find another pretty face to join your so-called musketeers''. And with a stunning smile, the adventurous insolent escaped through the gardens, leaving the Empress dealing with a small court scandal on top of her bruised pride.

As with all of our Athena products, this model includes:

- A soft and robust reinforced point designed for the estoc;

- A solid structure ready to parry

- A counterweight in the handle for unparalleled maneuverability;

- A 2 year warranty 

- LATEX-FREE and waterproof varnish

Safe foam fake weapon designed for LARP combat, cosplay, theater and film.

Product may differ slightly from the selected image.


Total length: 40”

Blade length: 31.5”

Blade width: 2”

Handle length: 4.7”

Guard width: 5.9”

Thickness of the blade: 1.1”

Point of balance: 3.5”

Weight: 550 gr

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