Elias Breastplate Blank

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The torso armour from the "Elias" series is simple and functional. The chest and back plate are connected by flexible leather pieces on the shoulders. This not only increases the mobility, it also allows the armour to be quickly taken on and off.

An additional segment in the long armour protects the abdominal area. Whilst the short allows full flexibility by protecting the top half of the torso. Of course, this armour also has arming points for spaulders. It is closed with straps on the sides. with these, the size can also be adjusted individually. Due to its plain look, the breast tank "Elias" is very suitable for guards, soldiers or mercenaries. It is also a good basis for building a costume and customizing.

We recommend protecting and cleaning your metal armour with Ballistol Spray between uses. This item is also best worn over a gambeson.

Material: Steel
Weight: approx. 3.9 kg
Color: Blank

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