Crescent Halberd

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Made in the forges of Irregular Props, this range of weapons boasts the perks of being 100% unique with each and every design. These weapons are made for high contact LARP combat, and will withstand good force. Fixed with Isoflex, these weapons require maintenance with spray silicone between uses, and to be stored in a dry location, out of sunlight and not in contact with other weapons of it's ilk.

This Halberd stands at a fantastic 205cm from end to end. With leather hand grips spread across a 'timber' style foam haft. The beard of the axe is reinforced, and is designed for striking in slashing motion.

Reinforced tips, and connections to the head and haft make this axe a great choice for mercenaries, guardsmen, or people who will be chopping all day, every day!

Irregular Props weapons come with a 1 year Product warranty for LARP related damage that renders the weapon unsafe. Yep - They're THAT tough.

Note: This is a hand made weapon, so actual product may vary.


Length (end to end): 205cm

Weight: 1.2kg


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